Optical Inlay Amethyst Pendant, cut by David Brackna

Item No. 702

This one of a kind pendant was designed by Rick Everett around the late award winning gemstone cutter David Brackna's amethyst "optical inlay," which is an opal mounted within the anethyst. The pendant also has one 2.10ct mint green beryl, as well as Araiba tourmaline, blue topaz, and purple and pink sapphires. The mounting is 14kt rose and white gold, and the pendant is worn on an 18" 14kt white gold wheat link chain. The pendant measures 48x32mm.  

Amethyst with inlaid Opal, 2.1ct Mint Green Beryl, Araiba Tourmaline, Blue Topaz, Purple and Pink Sapphire

$8,990.00  $6,293.00

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