Gemstone Treatment and Repairs

At Everett’s, we deal in natural gemstones. Many gemstones are routinely treated to improve clarity and or color, some of which are stable and permanent, while others are not. We also like to use traditionally mined gemstones, in contrast to the lab created diamonds that we prefer, as the gemstone market is natural due to a genuine rarity. If you are looking for certified gemstones we are a very good source for them and usually have some in stock. If not, we will gladly source the finest certified natural gemstones in for your approval. We deal mostly with AGTA Gemstone cutters and dealers who are required to reveal any and all treatments, as it is important to us that you know what treatments, if any, a gemstone has.

Gemstone Search

This application will allow you to search the full stock of gemstones we can source for you. You can filter by your desired gem type, color, cut and price/weight range. If you see a gemstone you like, please contact us and we will help you out.