Our jewelry is designed and manufactured on site at Everett Jewelers. Besides Rick Everett, the owner and chief designer, we have a staff of two other jewelry designers.


How We Create Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry is all about creating a personalized piece that is 100% unique to you and we want to make sure we get an accurate image of your vision to create the best piece of jewelry we can for you. To do this, we start the process with a consultation, where we discuss roughly what it is that you, are looking for. We look at the type of jewelry it is that you want; what colors, and what shapes.

This is usually done by looking at some of the jewelry in the showcases or by comparing to other pieces that you like. Sometimes a piece of jewelry has deeper value than just being a beautiful piece of art, and is a symbol for an important aspect of your life. In this case, we discuss what it is that this piece is supposed to represent and we can work together to find the best way to realize it. From here, we can see what it is you like and begin sketching out different ideas, suggesting different gemstones and metals that might fit best with the piece. Once the design is approved, we take the deposit and begin the work.

Sometimes the custom design will start with a cherished piece from a loved one. The design will be about remembering a family member or friend. To me one of the beauties of jewelry and gemstones is that they can be passed down generation to generation.

Below are two examples of those personal design jobs….

Case Study 1

A man came to me and explained that his mother had passed away and wanted us to design pendants for her 5 granddaughters. He wanted to use his mother’s old platinum and diamond brooch pin. We talked about his mom and her relationships with her granddaughters, he expressed that she called them her little angels. Working together we settled on a design of angel wings with diamonds from the brooch set into the wings.

Case Study 2

A man came to me with his yellow gold wedding band and his father’s white gold wedding band. His father had just passed away and he wanted to combine the two rings. We talked about his relationship with his father and he told me how they enjoyed sailing together. So I designed a wedding band with a sailboat on one side and on the other side a whale’s tail. We rolled out the white gold from his dad’s band to use as the background. Then we pierced the design onto the customer’s yellow band and welded it atop his dad’s band to make them into one ring. My customer loved seeing his father’s wedding band as the background for the design depicting their shared love of sailing!